infinity pools

Beautiful Ubud Hanging Gardens in Bali, Indonesia

Dec 20 2011

If you enjoy being absorbed by your surroundings when you travel, then this is a luxury resort for you! Experience the traditional style villas built in a peaceful part of the mountains beside smoky volcanoes and rice terraces in the jungle. Oh I think I forgot to mention their ultra cool dual step "infinity pool".

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golden triangle resort thailand

15 Most Amazing Swimming Pools From Around the Globe

Dec 19 2011

This is our compilation of the 15 coolest pools around the planet. Where would you like to go this winter?

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tallest building in the world

Daily Wallpaper Bird's Eye View of Burj Dubai (Burj Khalif)

Dec 16 2011

tallest building in the world

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London Tower Bridge Construction

120-Year Old Photos of the Famous London Tower Bridge are Found by Accident

Dec 2 2011

"These photographs of Tower Bridge being constructed have been unveiled after a stash of hundred-year-old photos were found in a skip. The 50 sepia pictures, the most recent of which date back to 1892, reveal in incredible detail the ingenuity behind one of the capital's most popular tourist destinations."

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Burj Khalifa Dubai Inside

The Luxurious Interiors of Burj Khalifa

Nov 24 2011

Currently the tallest structure in the world, Burj Khalifa (formerly known as Burj Dubai) soars at an immense 2,723ft (829.84m). The total project cost of this skyscraper was an astonishing 1.5 billion US Dollars. It is a mixed use structure that has everything including residence, hotel and offices.

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Chinese Factory Palace

Chinese Pharmaceutical Factory Builds Their Own Palace

Nov 7 2011

Take a look inside of this state-run Sixth Pharmaceutical Company, and have a guess at how well their business is doing. The factory includes swimming pools, gyms, billiards rooms - oh and did I mention the Versailles-like architecture? That is what Communism does people...

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What Happens to Suspension Bridges During Earthquakes

Nov 4 2011

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Meghalayas' Living Bridges

Nov 3 2011

Talk about sustainable, green architecture! In Meghalaya (north-eastern state of India) people construct "living bridges" by the living roots of Fig Trees. It is a truly remarkable to see people living in such harmony with nature. More of this should happen all over the world!

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The Lost City of Atlantis

Oct 26 2011

The city of Atlantis. Described by many as the most advanced of the human civilizations. Some believe that the city was destroyed by one of the greatest natural disasters known to man, while others believe that it was only Plato's imagination.

The following article contains some "facts", conceptual images and a video. Dream a little!

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How to Build a 15-Storey Building in 6 Days

Oct 25 2011

There is no way to describe this – a must watch! A huge group of construction workers erects an entire building in 6 days.

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