alexandre farto

Scratching the Surface: Amazing Subtractive Wall Art

Jan 17 2012

A London based artist Alexandre Farto uses a special technique to create these amazing masterpieces - he uses power tools, chisels and hammers to remove pieces of a wall. This is one of the most creative art methods we have ever seen.

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Largest Wood Structure

Metropol Parasol: Largest Wood Structure in the World

Jan 13 2012

A waffle like structure in the middle of Seville, Spain. Looks strange and alien like at first glance - but I think it's pretty awesome. The amount of work that went into creating it and designing it must have been insane! Thanks Architecture Style, for referring this to us!

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Colosseum Built Using Corks

A Miniature Colosseum Made from 10,000 Corks

Dec 30 2011

Made by an Italian artist Ciro Califano, this entire Colosseum is made up of wine corks. At first when I saw this I thought "WHOA, this guy likes wine!", but actually after the opening of a family restaurant - wine corks were plentiful. So Ciro Decided to take advantage of his artistic side and re-use the corks!

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Daily Wallpaper Amazing Snaking Desert Dune

Dec 29 2011

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Daily Wallpaper Amazing Tiger Painting

Dec 27 2011

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portrait from plasticine

Impressive Dripped Plasticine Art

Dec 23 2011

Made by an Argentinian Art Collective by the name of Mondongo, these portraits are simply amazing! Plasticine is mixed and dripped using custom made tools. It really makes me wonder how much time it takes to create one of these, given that there are thousands of "strokes" on each canvas.

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Daily Wallpaper Hi-Tech Planet Earth

Dec 20 2011

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Sci-fi Fantasy Art

Great Sci-Fi Art by Finnian MacManus (17)

Dec 10 2011

Check out these awesome renders by a 17-year-old kid by the name of Finnian MacManus, from US. Really awesome work. If he keeps it up he will get hired by a huge agency in no time, heck, he won't even need to go to post secondary!

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Cool Designed Motorcycle

Cool Futuristic Concepts with a Retro Twist

Dec 6 2011

Take a look at these great concepts by Solifague Designs. They take the best of retro and mix it in with amazing "modern" technology. We think these are the best future/retro concepts we have seen yet! Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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Pencil VS Camera

Dec 5 2011

A cool photo adaptation of photography and art mixed together. Photo and art by Ben Heine.

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