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Autodesk Pier 9 is the birth place of MMK

A Clever Use of 3D Printing: Modular Magnetic Construction Set

May 29 2015

The quick and easy way to design your next dream kitchen, and dining, and living room...

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Hans Zimmer Private Study Room

Private Study Rooms of Famous People Pt.2 [20 Pics]

Feb 17 2015

Dive deeper into the world of Mark Twain, Hans Zimmer, Napoleon and other icons as we explore their private environments.

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Private Study Rooms of Famous People

Private Study Rooms of Famous People [27 Pics]

Aug 22 2013

Get a closer look at private study rooms of Charles Darwin, Claude Monet, Theodore Roosevelt, Sigmund Freud, Steve Jobs, Thomas A. Edison and other famous people.

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Incredible back yard design by Centric Design Group

Incredible Backyard Design [12 Pics]

Apr 8 2013

A beautiful backyard at your villa in the Netherlands, what more could one want? Designed by Centric Design Group.

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Hans Zimmer's Office and Studio

Hans Zimmer's Production Studio [7 Pics]

Nov 26 2012

The man that truly inspired the world with the sound tracks to movies such as the Dark Knight, Pearl Harbor, Inception and Gladiator (amongst many others).

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Google Data Center Servers

A Unique Look at Google's Data Centers [19 Pics]

Oct 17 2012

Google finally offers a unique look at the previously highly secretive data centers that are currently scattered across USA, Finland and Belgium.

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The Ultra Awesome Tesla Model S Interior [Video]

Sep 21 2012

The future is now. Check out how revolutionized cars are becoming!

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MC1 House architecture by Juan Robles

The Beautiful MC1 House by Juan Robles [8 Pics]

Aug 16 2012

It's amazing to finally see a house that uses all of it's surfaces to see more of nature. So much green! More info here.

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Google's New Offices

Google's New Office in London [18 Pics]

Aug 14 2012

What a colourful and quirky place to work at. PENSON group was given the task of creating a vibrant workspace, that would make people want to come into work and be more productive. It's pretty cool to see some traditional British styling mixed into the design of this office.

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Abandoned Cement Factory Converted Into a Luxury Home & Office

Apr 13 2012

When it was discovered in 1973 by Ricardo Bofill this Cement factory was made up of 30 silos, underground galleries and huge engine rooms which made it perfect for a restoration project. After it was acquired by Ricardo it was converted into his personal mansion and architectural office. The old yard has been converted into a beautiful blossoming botanical garden. Looks amazing!

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