Surreal art by Marcello Barenghi

Are These Real Items or Hyper-Realistic Art? [10 Pics + 1 Vid]

Sep 20 2013

Italian artist and designer Marcello Barenghi is the man behind these ultra realistic drawings. His YouTube channel has a lot of videos that show just how much work goes into each drawing.

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A cool photo project by Tom  Hussey

Reflections: The Past & Present Lives of Seniors [10 Pics]

Aug 5 2013

This unique photo-project by Tom Hussey portrays mirrors as portals of time, where seniors reflect on the lives and careers that they've led.

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Creative hand painting by Guido Daniele

Creative Hand Art by Guido Daniele [12 Pics]

Apr 24 2013

A very detailed and creative concept by Italian artist Guido Daniele. Check out his website for other cool body art.

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Awesome Food arrangements by Carl Warner

A World Created from Food [25 Pics]

Mar 19 2013

Photographer and artist Carl Warner creates these beautiful foodscapes using many different ingredients such as vegetables, fruit, dairy and meats. At a first glance, you don't realize it but everything in every image is some type of food!

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Vladimir Manyuhin Apocalypse art

Life After the Apocalypse by Vladimir Manyuhin [17 Pics]

Mar 13 2013

Another great project that gives us a glimpse of what our planet could look like after an apocalypse.

Vladimir Manyuhin throws in a nice twist to his art by showing how various locations would look like during different seasons and different times of day. Enjoy!

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Arch 3.3 detail photo

Mind-Blowing Paper Art by Eric Standley

Feb 20 2013

Check out this beautiful paper cutout art that on average consists of over 100 layers of precisely laser-cut and perfectly aligned pieces of thick, colored cardstock.

Be sure to zoom in on each one to see all the fine details.

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3D Street art by Kurt Wenner

Surreal 3D Street Art by Kurt Wenner [16 Pics]

Jan 4 2013

This is some of the most detailed 3D street art we have ever seen, to see more head over to Kurt's website.

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Unfilled christmas bulb

The Moment of Impact [20 Pics]

Nov 20 2012

Some impressive photography right here. Take a look at how Alan Sailer is able to capture destruction of different items seconds before it happens.

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Playing the Piano While Juggling [Video]

Nov 18 2012

Now that's something you don't see every day. Pretty random/creepy.

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BMW 645 Conversion into GAZ

Unique BMW 6 Series Conversion Into a Soviet GAZ [13 Pics]

Nov 17 2012

These guys in Russia have really outdone themselves with this one! Take a look how a boring 6 series takes on the unique shape of a Soviet GAZ.

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