Bahnhof's Data Center in Sweden Bunker

Data Center Inside of a Former Cold War Bunker [11 Pics]

May 8 2013

We have seen many cool data-centers and offices before, but Bahnhof's takes the cake. Built at a depth of 30m (98ft) below the surface of the White Mountains in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Gallium melting in a person's hand

Gallium – A Rare Metal with Interesting Properties

Apr 9 2013

A truly peculiar metal with an ultra low melting point of just 29.76 °C (85.57 °F) and the ability to attack most other metals by diffusing into their metal lattice (greatly weakening their structure).

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Interesting predictions of the future in the past

Past Predictions of the Future of Travel [20 Pics]

Mar 15 2013

Interesting to see how far humans have progressed in terms of technology. Enjoy this random compilation of old art that imagines the future.

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Quadrocopter Pole Acrobatics

Feb 23 2013

This video shows two quadrocopters balancing as well as launching and catching an inverted pendulum. Pretty incredible stuff, considering that we didn't even know how to fly 100 years ago!

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Doettling Fortress High Resolution

A New Benchmark in Luxury Safes: The Fortress

Feb 19 2013

Döttling has recently introduced the safest luxury safe in the world that can do a whole lot more than simply store your valuables.

Read on to find out just how advanced this safe really is!

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How the Differential Was Developed [Video]

Jan 9 2013

An excellent display explaining how an automotive differential works when it gets power from the engine. Extremely easy to understand and really cool.

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Daily Wallpaper Modus

Dec 27 2012

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The Future of Transportation [Video]

Dec 13 2012

ET3 is literally "Space Travel on Earth". ET3 is silent, low cost, safe, faster than jets, and is electric. Find out more about how ET3 project is redefining the future of travel.

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Incredible Military Photos Pt.5 [18 Pics]

Dec 4 2012

An amazing roundup of the best military photos we came across since our last military photo compilation.

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Hans Zimmer's Office and Studio

Hans Zimmer's Production Studio [7 Pics]

Nov 26 2012

The man that truly inspired the world with the sound tracks to movies such as the Dark Knight, Pearl Harbor, Inception and Gladiator (amongst many others).

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