Surreal photographic art by Thierry Cohen

What if Cities Went Dark at Night? [10 Pics]

Jan 2 2013

French photographer Thierry Cohen is the artist behind these beautiful photo compositions. We especially like the vibe these photos give off.

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Daily Wallpaper Farmland

Dec 12 2012

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Skateboarding in Abandoned Desert Waterpark [Video]

Nov 20 2012

Awesome skateboarding skills, filmed with style at a unique location. The skateboarder in this video is Kilian Martin and the movie is titled “Altered Route”.

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Chinas Wonderland that was never finished

An Abandoned & Unfinished Wonderland of China [21 Pics]

Sep 14 2012

Acording to the developers, this partially built amusement park was supposed to be “the largest amusement park in Asia”. In 1998, construction stopped due to disagreements with the local government and farmers over property prices.

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Top Secret Communications Bunker Soviet

Secret Cold War Communications Bunker [25 Pics]

Jun 30 2012

Once again we go back to the land of all abandoned things that are Soviet. It seems like people are finding new locations monthly – crazy to even imagine how many more there are out there (operational and abandoned). This one is located somewhere in Ukraine and was built and used in the early 1970's.

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Truk Lagoon Chuuk Islands WW2 Ship Graveyard gh0stdot

The Largest Graveyard of Ships in the World: Chuuk Lagoon [17 Pics]

Jun 13 2012

Chuuk Lagoon (formerly known as Truk Lagoon) was Imperial Japan's main naval base in the South Pacific theater of WW2. In 1944 Operation Hailstone was launched by the United States – during which 12 Japanese warships, 32 merchant ships and 249 aircraft were destroyed. Some say this is Japanese equivalent of Pearl Harbor.

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Incredible Post-Apocalypse Art

Incredible Post-Apocalypse Art [20 Pics]

May 14 2012

We love seeing art like this, it really makes us wonder – what if the world ended, what would it look like? Take a look at the Post-Apocalypse art by a young Belgian artist, Jonas De Ro.

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A Creepy Abandoned Maternity Hospital [19 Pics]

Apr 21 2012

Seems like most of the cool abandoned places are located in Russia (probably has something to do with the break up of Soviet Union). Located in Moscow.

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Apocalypse House Preview

The Perfect House to Survive the Apocalypse

Mar 23 2012

In a way this is similar to the zombie proof house that we mentioned last year, but this seems so much more realistic - and the possibilities with this one are endless.

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cold war monument

Forgotten WWII monuments of former Yugoslavia

Mar 7 2012

In the 1960's and 1970's, Yugoslavians built monumental sculptures to commemorate World War II.

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