Interesting things, humor, facts, videos, quotes, wallpapers, plus funny and cool t-shirts.

I Like to Waste My Time was started by myself, Yuriy Sklyar, and my brother, Jenya Sklyar, as one of many experiments that we maintain under Threefifty(our creative studio). We're currently operating from Edmonton and San Francisco.

Since its launch on the 18th of March, 2011 the website has grown to 300,000+ unique monthly readers who generate over 760,000 pageviews.

ILTWMT will evolve as the time goes by, but for now here are some of our values, beliefs and ideas:

  • We specialize in timeless, quality content.
  • This resource is meant to be both educational and enjoyable.
  • Think of us as Wikipedia of all things interesting (minus all the not-so-interesting stuff).
  • We're not huge fans of blatant advertising. We believe that content is usually cheapened by ads, which is the reason why you will not see any random, irrelevant ads on ILTWMT. It's not all just about money!

Finally, we thank you for your continuous support!



Future Plans:

  • Open up an online store and introduce a new content type of cool stuff you can actuallybuy.
  • Launch the 'Games' section of the website.
  • Make the content of the website even better by personally visiting as many locations to re-document/re-shoot all the things we wrote about.
  • Launch 'DIY' (Do it Yourself) section of simple projects that could benefit your day-to-day life.