The Most Expensive Convertible in the World!

Jul 8 2011

The new Veyron to come out of the Bugatti factory, the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport L'Or Blanc special edition. Check out this mega post of super high quality images.

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Drifting on Top of a Skyscraper – BMW

Jul 7 2011

BMW is one of the world's leading innovators of automotive technology and design, so their marketing campaigns never cease to amaze! Check out these two commercials for their new 1M Coupe.

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Luxury Garages

High End Cars Need Luxury Garages

Jun 10 2011

When a car looks as good as these, chances are you also want the garage to look the part. Most of these cars are worth more then a large-sized home for an average person. Take a look at how these high end cars get stored.

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Worst Paint Job Ever

How to Waste Your $70,000 Corvette

Jun 9 2011

Not quite sure what was going through this persons mind, but here we have it - how to wreck your sports car 101. Get a household painting brush, $30 of paint from home depot and $100 worth of "accessories". Take a look at this gem for yourself from day one to present day.

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BMW Secret Garage

A Secret Well Kept – BMW Garage

May 18 2011

Over the years BMW has been known for making some radically designed vehicles – many of which never leave the headquarters in Bavaria. BMW has unveiled the secrecy of the underground garage – take a look a this large collection of photos to see the cars that BMW keeps down there.

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Supercar Yacht

Why Not Buy a Mega Yacht To Go With Your New Super Car?

Mar 21 2011

The Strand Craft 122 super yacht design marks the start of a new collaboration between Strand Craft and Gray Design teaming up to create yachts of world class design featuring beauty, passion and performance.

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