Abandoned Resort in Kupari, Croatia

Abandoned Luxury Resort in Kupari, Croatia [17 Pics]

Feb 28 2013

Once considered to be the best luxury resort of Yugoslavia, it now sits untouched for nearly 20 years. Dmitri Korobtsov captured this location perfectly, the weather and the setting couldn't be any better.

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McLaren P1 Hyper Car HD Wallpaper

Daily Wallpaper McLaren P1

Feb 21 2013

McLaren P1 Hyper Car HD Wallpaper

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Doettling Fortress High Resolution

A New Benchmark in Luxury Safes: The Fortress

Feb 19 2013

Döttling has recently introduced the safest luxury safe in the world that can do a whole lot more than simply store your valuables.

Read on to find out just how advanced this safe really is!

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Ritz-Carlton of Hong Kong China

The Tallest Hotel in the World [17 Pics]

Dec 19 2012

Ritz-Carlton is an ultra-luxury hotel in Hong Kong that occupies 102 to 118 floors of the International Commerce Centre. This has to be some of the nicest hotel interiors we have ever seen.

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BMW 645 Conversion into GAZ

Unique BMW 6 Series Conversion Into a Soviet GAZ [13 Pics]

Nov 17 2012

These guys in Russia have really outdone themselves with this one! Take a look how a boring 6 series takes on the unique shape of a Soviet GAZ.

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Garden House in Brazil by Jomar Bragança

Stunning Garden House in Brazil [18 Pics]

Nov 9 2012

A beautiful mix of contemporary architecture with traditional design. We especially love how the large amounts of greenery add a sense of serenity here. More info can be found here.

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The best cars created in the 1990s

The Unforgettable Cars of the '90s Pt. 1 [30 Pics]

Oct 31 2012

This is going to be a multi-part series as there are just too many icons from the 90's era that we believe deserve our attention. Here are five that we wanted to start the series with.

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The Ultimate Drag Race [Video]

Oct 14 2012

Top Gear guys did this test a while back, where they put a Bugatti Veyron against the best supercar of the 90's, the McLaren F1. Very impressive to see what a 15-year-old supercar can still do!

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Aston Martin DBS Ultimate Wallpaper

Daily Wallpaper Aston Martin DBS Ultimate

Sep 15 2012

Aston Martin DBS Ultimate Wallpaper

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A 30-storey Building Where Cars Park Themselves - In Your Living Room [Video]

Sep 11 2012

Check out this awesome auto-parking garage. The luxurious building is located in Singapore. Who wouldn't want to see their super cars in their own loft?

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