Nazi Germany before WW2

30 Restored Photos of Nazi Germany from LIFE Archives

Jan 11 2012

Straight from the archives at LIFE Magazine, these are very rare and mostly colour photos of Nazi Germany at its height prior to WW2. The number of people in these photographs supporting the Fascist regime is simply jaw dropping!

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Soviet Spy Equipment

Cold War: Soviet Era KGB Spy Equipment

Jan 9 2012

Take a look at the equipment that the Soviet KGB spies had access to during the cold war. Just when you thought you would only see stuff like this in the old Bond movies. 15 photos inside.

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AC 130 Preview Rockets

How to Land a 35-Ton, 4-Engine Military Cargo Aircraft Inside of a Soccer Stadium

Dec 25 2011

After a failed helicopter rescue mission during a 1980 hostage crisis in Iran, US government had to come up with another way of airlifting injured people along with a handful of Delta Force. The only problem was safely landing something large enough to carry 52 people, inside of a soccer stadium and then airlifting everyone to a nearby air carrier.

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Insane Helicopter Pilot

Dec 24 2011

Old BO-105 german anti tank helicopter getting flown by a great pilot. That is all.

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sniper mask in russia

Intensive Training of Russia's Elite Snipers

Dec 16 2011

Only the most elite of soldiers are drafted for the elaborate task of being snipers. Many of these men are extremely skilled at what they do. These photos are proof of the meticulous preparations before one can follow the extremely secret and intensive duties of being snipers.

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A Rare Photo of the Blackbird

Nov 16 2011

Revolutionary in many ways, the Blackbird pioneered aviation and set two world records on its first flight.

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Air Force Missile Site 8

Air Force Missile Site 8 - That Nearly Began World War 3

Nov 10 2011

Retired top-secret installations are nothing short of jaw-dropping, and this one definitely does not fail to impress. This top secret facility was also once known as Titan II ICBM Site 571-7 because of the massive Titan II missile that it housed inside of it.

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WW2 Diorama

Life-Like Historically Correct WWII Diorama

Oct 24 2011

This diorama depicts the 1943 withdrawal of German forces throughout the Eastern front when the Soviets launched their massive and unstoppable offensive attack. This particular diorama was built by Yevgen Sklyar from Precise Modeling - a company that specializes in the creation of ultra realistic scale models for highly acclaimed collectors and museums worldwide.

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Daily Wallpaper Half Airplane Half Helicopter - the Osprey V22 Caught In-Action

Oct 22 2011

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Why Iraqis Don't Like Americans

Oct 19 2011

Given all of the things people say, this has got to be one of the reasons why Iraqis are not too fond of the American presence in Iraq...

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