Terrifying Speed Climb With No Safety Equipment

Oct 17 2011

With absolutely no safety equipment of any kind, Dan Osman literally runs up this 90 degree cliff (and in some parts more than 90 degrees). Simply mind-blowing!

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Risky Business: Point of View Video of Summit Ridge Walk

Sep 28 2011

Summit Ridge walk is a very exposed part of Mount Lady Macdonald, and the super high drop-offs on both sides are the least of the climbers worries. Extreme gusts are reported to have caused fatalities on this ridge. Take a look at Nick Croken and several of his friends cross this ridge on video.

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Louisville Slugger Largest Bat

Louisville Slugger: Largest Bat in the World

Aug 21 2011

Probably one of the most recognizable brands of baseball bats in the world. This huge bat casually rests against a building, in front of the corporate headquarters of the Louisville Slugger. Lots of memorable bats like the one used by Babe Ruth (the one he used during his 60-home-run season) can be seen inside of the museum.

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Eat, Sleep, Skate - Skateboarder Paradise

Jul 12 2011

This home is actually 753 square foot skatepark. Everything inside of it is fully skate-able (tables, couches etc).

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