Apocalypse shelter interior

Fallout Shelters for Everyone!

Jan 27 2013

In case you don't have $1.5M to spend on the perfect house to survive the apocalypse in, Atlas Survival Shelters offers a reasonably priced alternative!

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Moss bathroom rug

Green Design [10 Pics]

Jan 26 2013

Very clever designs with a perfect blend of nature and creativity.

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Daily Wallpaper Underwater Alien Life Exploration

Jan 25 2013

Download 2560 × 1600, 2 MB

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Australia Sand Storm 2013

Intense Sand Storms in Photos [10 Pics]

Jan 21 2013

A small compilation of dust storm photos. Nature is ruthless.

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High five to drifters

The Best Animated GIF Images Pt. 13 [10 Pics]

Jan 17 2013

Another round-up of animated GIF images.

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The Making of a $200,000 Bottle of Scotch [Video]

Jan 16 2013

The amount of craftsmanship that goes into the production of a Diamond Jubilee by John Walker Sons is nothing short of amazing. 60-year old scotch, diamonds and purest silver are just some of the things that make up this stunning set, created to commemorate Her Majesty The Queen's accession to the throne. A limited quantity of only 60 bottles was made available worldwide for private purchase.

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Schloß Eckberg in Dresden (3D photo)

3D Photos Pt.1

Jan 13 2013

Our first roundup of the best 3D photos from around the web. These photos do not require 3D glasses to experience the 3D effect and anyone can train themselves using a simple technique described in this post. Enjoy!

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Daniel Craig in Casino Royale

Behind the Scenes of James Bond in HD Photos [17 Pics]

Jan 10 2013

A great collection of 007 photos taken from behind the scenes.

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“You will get what you want, when you stop making excuses on why you don’t have it.”

Jan 10 2013

– Unknown.

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Amazing 3D Projection [Video]

Jan 9 2013

This 3D projection short film was made on Rotuses building (Vilnius City Town Hall - in Lithuania) on November 7, 2009. 10.000 people visited the screening of the short film "When Fairy Tales come True". Simply stunning!

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