Danny MacAskill's Imaginate - Epic Trials Riding [Video]

Oct 17 2013

An ultra polished and super creative short film of Danny MacAskill's trials riding.

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Extreme Kayaking Down a Drainage Ditch at 56 km/h! [Video]

Oct 5 2013

Kayaker Ben Marr rockets down a concrete drainage ditch into Lions Bay, British Columbia (Canada) at 34mph/56kmph!

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Flying Tubes are Super Fun [Video]

Oct 3 2013

Having been on one of these tubes, I can vouch for it being as fun as it really looks. These tubes actually got banned from being sold in most of Canada due to several fatal accidents.

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Vertical Farming in Singapore [Video]

Sep 26 2013

This highly efficient method of farming takes much less space, water and nutrients. Could this be the solution to sustaining our continuously booming population?

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Lucky Driver in Taiwan Cheats Death [Video]

Sep 12 2013

The driver in the white car is definitely one lucky person... take a look at how a massive boulder just misses the car by a few inches.

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