Motorcycle VS Car Drift Battle 2

Jan 13 2012

An Epic Police chase video of a modified Mustang pursuing 2 bikes with traction issues! Thanks to Nick for the share. Video produced by Icon.

P.S. See what happens to the Mustang at the end of the video...

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Daily Wallpaper 2009 TechArt Porsche GTstreet R

Jan 8 2012

Download 1920 × 1080, 326 KB

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How to Parallel Park in a Tight Spot

Dec 21 2011

Check out this guy trying to squeeze into a spot that's clearly too small for his large sedan, while hitting other vehicles parked around him.

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How to Kickflip a Car

Dec 19 2011

On December 16th, Rob Dyrdek was kickflipping a car at Six Flags. What were you doing?

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Gymkhana 4: The Hollywood Megamercial

Dec 11 2011

DC and Ken Block present Gymkhana FOUR: The Hollywood Megamercial. I don't really know what else can be said about this epic megamercial, besides that you have to watch the entire thing. Mind-blowing!

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World's Fastest (and Coolest) Amphibious Car

Dec 7 2011

Put together a front end off a Dodge truck and a Corvette rear end and you get the WaterCar. The fastest and coolest amphibious vehicle! This thing will do 1/4 mile in 12.4 seconds and will reach speeds in excess of 60 mph on water!

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How to Ride Your Quad on Water

Dec 7 2011

Check out how this rider crosses the entire lake on his quad! So sweet, kudos to the guy for trying it and doing it.

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Cool Designed Motorcycle

Cool Futuristic Concepts with a Retro Twist

Dec 6 2011

Take a look at these great concepts by Solifague Designs. They take the best of retro and mix it in with amazing "modern" technology. We think these are the best future/retro concepts we have seen yet! Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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Craziest Rush Hour Bike Ride in Moscow

Dec 4 2011

Check out this insane bike ride through Moscow, Russia. All of this is happening during a rush hour on one of the busiest highways of Russia. Rider calls himself Black Devil.

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How to Wreck Two Corvettes at the Same Time

Nov 29 2011

Checkout this drag race gone wrong - luckily none of the people sharing the street and the sidewalk were hurt! Not much happens in the beginning of the video, you can skip to 0:40 into it. NOTE: There is some swearing in the video.

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