The Anatomy of Stuxnet Virus [Video]

Oct 15 2012

Stuxnet is a highly sophisticated computer worm. It is believed that it was put together by a large team of coders and backed by a large entity (allegedly USA and Israel). Kaspersky Labs have estimated the virus could have taken up to 6 months to make due to its complexity. This worm can shut down oil rigs and nuclear power plants without anyone knowing about it. What's even more frightening is that it's open source (aka available for free download).

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Awesome and Rare historical photos

Rare Historical Photos Pt. 3 [21 Pics]

Oct 12 2012

Well part two of the series did even better than part one, so here are some more awesome historical photos and info.

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SR-71 Wallpaper Dark HD HQ

Daily Wallpaper SR-71 Blackbird

Sep 5 2012

SR-71 Wallpaper Dark HD HQ

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Incredible Military Photos Pt.3 [20 Pics]

Aug 23 2012

An amazing roundup of the best military photos we came across since our last military photo compilation. This one has a lot more historical photos!

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Japanese Pre-WW2 Posters

Working Class Posters of 1930's Japan [17 Pics]

Jun 28 2012

This unique style of posters emerged in the country of the rising sun during the early 1930's. Many design aspects look to be copied from Western and Soviet culture.

It is amazing to see how well these are done, considering that there were no tools like Photoshop and Illustrator.

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Soviet Censorship of Images Conspiracy Uncovered

Soviet Censorship of Images During Stalin's Regime [5 Pics]

Jun 22 2012

It's awesome being able to see how leaders in the past have used propaganda and censorship – this makes you really wonder what happens in the government today. This is a 5 image comparison of some popular censored images that were altered during Stalin's rule of the USSR.

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Art that has many meanings

Art that Speaks a Thousand Words [36 Pics]

May 18 2012

Pawel Kuczynski is an extremely talented Polish artist that specializes in satirical art. It is fantastic how much meaning each one of these images has without the use of any words.

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Daily Wallpaper Legion of Science

Mar 21 2012

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Daily Wallpaper Deep Space Exploration Awaits

Mar 13 2012

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JFK Assassination Headlines

Mar 9 2012

A very moving photograph. Passengers of a train to Stamford, Connecticut read the headlines about the Presidential Assassination (November 22, 1963). Photo by Carl Mydans.

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