Draugen Shell Platform

Sweden’s Draugen Oil Platform

Aug 18 2011

Draugen is an oil field in the Norwegian Sea at a sea depth of 250 meters. The field has been developed with a concrete fixed facility and integrated topside. Stabilized oil is stored in tanks at the base of the facility. Two pipelines are used to transport the oil from the facility to a floating loading buoy.

Shell Petroleum owns this oil platform and it is operational to this day.

Norwegian Sea Oil Rig

Ocean based oil rig

John L Downes Photo

Photo by John L Downes.

Draugen Oil

Oil Rig Ocean

The floating buoy that comes to collect the oil from the platform. The size of this rig is immense!

3D Draugen Platform

A 3D interpretation of the platform and its structure, done by Coin3D. Very cool!

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