A City that Can Only be Found Once a Year [38 Pics]

Nov 11 2012

Every year, on the last Monday of August a truly unbelievable event takes place in the middle of Black Rock Desert. It's believed that once one visits this magical place, they are forever changed. Welcome to Burning Man.

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A Robbery Takes an Unexpected Turn [Video]

Nov 9 2012

Mohammad Sohail is a store owner that was being held up by a robber with a bat demanding money. He does not hesitate and pulls out his shotgun in defense. Pretty amazing to see what happened next.

Not only did Mohammad spare the robbers life, but he sent him on his way with some bread and $40. Apparently the thief said he was doing it to provide for his family. A couple of months Later Mohammad received a letter thanking him for everything he did, it also contained $50.

Sohail joked that the robbery ended up bringing him good fortune. “When you do good things for somebody, it comes back to you. I gave him $40 and he sent me back $50. It was a good investment.”

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High-Speed Robot Hand in Action [Video]

Nov 5 2012

Ishikawa Komuro Lab's high-speed robot hand performing impressive acts of dexterity and skillful manipulation. A very cool outlook at what robots/computers can do today.

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Sports Compilation That Will Blow Your Mind [Video]

Nov 1 2012

Compilations like these are amazing because they make you realize just how many talented people there are around us.

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Mississippi Steamboats

Rare Historical Photos Pt. 4 [18 Pics]

Oct 29 2012

Another roundup of the popular historical series of posts that we do. You can find the previous post here, and the start of the series here.

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The Extensive Use of the "Green Screen" [Video]

Oct 27 2012

I can't believe how realistic all of these special effects are getting these days!! You will be blown away after you see this video.

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Unreal 'Contact' Juggling [Video]

Oct 25 2012

Largely impressive performance by Akihiro Yanai at the 2012 Japan Juggling Festival. So many creative people on our planet...

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Car flips guy falls out of sunroof

The Best Animated GIF Images Pt. 11 [12 Pics]

Oct 23 2012

Another round-up of animated GIF images.

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Pro Card Tricks + Awesome Track [Video]

Oct 17 2012

Highly suggest watching this sorcery in full HD with the speakers turned up! Enjoy.

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Awesome and Rare historical photos

Rare Historical Photos Pt. 3 [21 Pics]

Oct 12 2012

Well part two of the series did even better than part one, so here are some more awesome historical photos and info.

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102 Years Old and Still Enjoys Driving [Video]

Oct 11 2012

Margaret Dunning has been driving longer than anyone on this planet. She started driving when she was 8 and got her license when she turned 12. She also drives the same 82-year old Packard 740.

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Alexa Meade Body Painting Art Simulates Paintings

Are they Paintings or Photographs? [12 Pics]

Oct 5 2012

We love this sort of art. It's fresh and extremely creative.

Check out the unique style of Alexa Meade – you will be genuinely surprised to know that these are actually not paintings.

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Mind Reader Reveals His Secret [Video]

Oct 3 2012

Check out how this mind reader gets everyone's life right, and then reveals the big secret.

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Airplane Parachute System [Video]

Oct 3 2012

Check out how this airplane's wing snaps in mid-air while the pilot is performing maneuvers. Luckily, his airplane was equipped with a parachute...

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Car Crash Compilation: Russia [Video]

Oct 2 2012

After watching videos like these all I have to say is: pay more attention to the road and slow down! Some of these are so avoidable. Note: video contains some swearing (in Russian), in case you decide to watch this full blast at work. :)

P.S. Watch in HD

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